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What's in a Name? Everything! RTG stands for "Receiving through Giving".

Our name reflects our core philosophy: In every program we do everyone must receive, more than they put it in.
This pledge drives our creativity in developing programs for corporations, associations and other organizations.
In a nutshell, we are a for-profit social enterprise committed to helping individuals & organizations realize their full potential.

We help organizations just like yours to create high performance cultures, through simple member-engagement programs for associations and by giving business opportunities to individuals looking to earn a living by helping others.

In addition, because lack of food is a foundational obstacle to realizing one’s potential, all our programs have as one of their elements, a means of feeding malnourished children, either domestically or internationally.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs, companies and nonprofits create a better world through business.

Who we are

Our Values


We help our clients achieve their goals by building positive, long-term relationships based on trust and respect. We listen attentively to our clients to understand and respond to their current needs and to anticipate their future needs. We are committed to providing services of high quality, value and usefulness to best satisfy their needs.


We recognize our responsibility, and opportunity, to contribute to the well being of our community. We support charitable causes, while promoting responsible business practices as a socially conscious business and community leader.


We will perform with uncompromising integrity, and will be guided by what is ethical and right for our clients and their stakeholders. We are fair, honest and respectable.


We believe in teamwork and the limitless possibilities of collaborative energy. We will achieve excellence by putting collective goals ahead of personal interests. We support and encourage open communication and meaningful cooperation among colleagues from varying backgrounds and disciplines. Doing so encourages a richness of thinking and styles and increases the depth and impact of our work.

Continuous Learning

We value and practice continuous learning. We take the time to stop and reflect on our interactions, collaborations, client engagements and meetings to improve on our processes

RTG was the brain child of its CEO, Stephen Clarke. After selling his successful advertising and marketing agency to one of the world’s largest advertising agency, Stephen retired.

Quickly finding himself bored with the retired lifestyle, he was challenged by his mother to tackle the issue of homelessness.

However, he saw insurmountable challenges with the worn-out, done-to-death, traditional “Asking for Handouts” approach to fundraising.

So, he decided to create a much better way to tackle the issue homelessness while providing valuable services to others.

And thus, RTG Group was born.

We are crazy busy busy working with creative, courageous leaders and organizations who are serious about changing lives, both the lives of those in their organizations and of those elsewhere who are in need of support.

We also specialize in helping companies and organizations successfully engage with Millennials.

In short, we can come alongside you and help breathe new life, enthusiasm and vision into your organization.

Best of all – it costs nothing to contact us and ask how...

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