Wouldn’t this be great? Significant additional non-dues revenue for your association. 10’s of thousands of dollars of benefits available only to your members. Improved brand reputation of your members to their clients and stakeholders.

If you’re like most association executives, this would be the ideal trifecta. Well guess what? This is exactly what you’ll experience through RTG Group’s "Member Engagement Mastery" program.

For the past several years, RTG has been developing and refining this program.

This program is highly versatile. So whether you want to create a scholarship program, add funds for marketing or develop new offerings for your members, the additional revenue you’ll generate can be used for whatever purpose you choose.

Plus, it includes a staggering amount of benefits through a nation-wide program offering massive savings on everything from mortgages to movies, restaurants to resorts, cars to clothing will accrue to all your members who participate in the program.

Best of all we guarantee that the customers of your members will suddenly have a much stronger and more favorable perception of them when they realize your members helped provide hundreds of thousands of meals to starving and malnourished children.

So please contact us now to discuss how we can design a program to help your association realize all of these benefits.

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